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The Shipping Tribune aims to provide a platform for merchant navy officers appearing for oral examinations. Below are few questions listed, which have been asked by the surveyors in the past. We request officers who have appeared for oral examinations to send us the questions asked of them so that we can post these questions here for the benefit of other officers appearing for oral examinations. The Shipping Tribune is only facilitating this platform and does not take responsibility for any inaccuracy.

1. What is Magnetic Compass?

2. Explain construction of Magnetic Compass and its use.

3. What is the bowl & wet card made of and why?

4. Why the magnetic compass pointing towards north?

5. Heeling error bucket corrects which magnetism and when?

6. Where will you find info regarding positioning of magnets?

7. How to take compass error? Explain procedure.

8. What is PAB? What are its uses? Know how to read?

9.  What are the corrections and how are they applied?

10.  In the middle of the ocean the Barometer reading drops. What will be your action?

11. What is Sextant? What are the uses of Sextant?

12. Explain principle of Sextant?

13. Errors in Sextant and how to correct them?

14. After the errors are corrected, how do you take a sight?

15. Explain ITP?

16. What is Hydrometer and what are its uses?

17. How do you find density of liquid using Hydrometer?

18. What is Dock Water Allowance?

19. What is FWA?

20. What is ISM code? What are its objectives?

21. What is DOS and when do you exchange?

22. Explain how you plan passage from port A to Port B

23. Risk assessment? What is hazard? What is risk?

24. Enclosed space entry actions?

25. Fire in a container at sea actions?

26. Fire in DG Container. To put off fire what will you refer to?

27.  How do you plan and execute maintenance of FFA on board a vsl ?

28. What are the fixed FFA equipments on board vessel?

29.  As per SOALS what are Liferaft requirements?

30. Rescue boat requirement?

31. What is Lugless Joining Shackle? How many parts in it? Uses?

32. What type of anchor you had onboard ?

33. What is stockless anchor?

34. Running moor? When  will you use?

35. Man over board port side actions?

36. What will be your action, if you could not find the person?

37. Which different patterns can you use? Which pattern u will use?

38. If 2 ships are involved in SAR , which pattern will you use?

39. Where u will find info abt SAR operations?

40. How will you help your C/O for loadline survey?

41. Explain principal of EM Log and Doppler’s Log

42. Which radar you will use for collision avoidance while leaving port?


43. Safe water mark

44. East cardinal bouy

45. Preferred channel to stbd lateral mark

46. Preferred channel to port lateral mark

BUOYAGE IALA REGION-B: (Against the Flow)

47.  Heading 270T

48.  Port Hand Lateral Mark

49.  Preferred Channel to PORT

50.  Isolated Danger Mark

51. Safe Water mark

52. South Cardinal Mark


53. PDV on port side?

54. CBD on port side?

55. Fishing vsl overtaking sailing vsl whose responsibility to keeps clear?

56. Sailing vsl overtaking fishing vsl whose responsibility to keep clear?

57. Fishing vsl on port side of sailing vsl? Action?

58. NUC seen from port side?

59. RAM Dredging at anchor?

60. Vsl engaged in trawling shooting nets?

61. Towing vsl length of tow less than 200?

62. Vsl aground?

63. You are on a deep draught vessel in TSS:

A. Action for PDV crossing from my Stbd side

B. Action for PDV crossing from my Port side

C. Action for towing vessel crossing from Port side

D. Action for towing vessel (RAM) crossing from Port side

E.  SV seen on my port side.

F.  FV seen on my port side.

64.  Can a VEF fish in the ITZ?

65.  Can a VEF fish in the lane?

66.  Can a VEF fish in the TSZ?

67.  Can a VEF fish in a direction of the flow of traffic?

68.  You are crossing, PDV on you starboard (far away lane)

69. Open Sea on a PDV:

A.  CBD on my Port side bearing and range decreasing Action.

B.  Fishing vessel on my PORT side Action

C.  PDV on my PORT side, Action

D.  A head on situation and am slightly off to the starboard of the head on vessel action..?


70.  Which rule applies in RV?

71. What other rules applies in restricted visibility?

72. Use of Radar Plotting i.e. OA, WA, WO in all the situations

73. Vessel on Fwd of the Beam Stbd side situation, you should put where your W will be? Action?

74.Vessel on your PORT QUARTER, you should put where W will be? Action?

75. As Officer of the Watch what are the correct preparations to undertake, when operating in or near and in area of restricted visibility?

76. What is Weekly Notice to Mariners?

77.  How do you correct a chart that has not been updated for the previous 18 months?

78.  How do you know if your vessel’s Publications are up to date?

79.  How do you know if an Admiralty navigational chart was up to date?

80.  What is Weather Routing Chart? Contents?

81.  How would you go about setting up my RADAR to best aid collision avoidance?

82.  ECDIS’s  Requirements & Limitations.

83. Main Engine Failure when you are on the Bridge and your vsl is about 5 – 6 miles off coast ,what will be your action?

84. You are on watch at night, Just before you could finish your watch you heard a Fire Alarm. Your action? ( Accomodation Fire )

85. You are in charge of  Emergency team . Your Actions?

86. You are in charge of  Back Up team . Your Actions?

87.  Duties of Ship safety officer?

88. What will be your duties during Cargo Operations given that the C/O is tired and going down for rest?

89.  Explain about SOLAS Training manual.

90. Explain Transverse Thrust.

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