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Mr. Sanjay Shesh's

Brain Based Coach From Neuro Leadership Institute
Neptune Excellence LLP

Mr. Sanjay Shesh's career journey is truly impressive, marked by resilience, dedication, and significant achievements. Commencing his professional voyage during a recession showcased his adeptness in navigating challenging economic periods. Through three contracts on ships, he demonstrated unwavering commitment to acquiring practical knowledge in the maritime field.

In a span of just five years in the shipping industry, Sanjay completed nine years in his career, a testament to his hard work and proficiency. His elevation to overseeing ship operations from ashore within the same company underscored his leadership skills and the trust vested in him by his employer.

A pivotal decision was joining the inaugural team of Fleet Management Ltd, when it comprised only seven ships. Sanjay's steadfast loyalty and adaptability contributed to the company's growth to over 100 ships, reflecting his commitment to long-term success.

Within Fleet Management Ltd, he ascended from Superintendent to General Manager and Vice President, showcasing continuous development and a growing scope of responsibilities. His expertise in ship management was evident in his contributions to various aspects of ship operations and the overall growth of the company.

Beyond managing ships, Sanjay's entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen shone through as he initiated and successfully led four companies to profitability. His ability to identify and capitalize on business opportunities marked a significant achievement in his career.

One of the most remarkable facets of Sanjay's professional journey was his pivotal role in recruiting over 10,000 shipping professionals and over 1,000 non-shipping professionals. This extensive hiring experience not only emphasized his leadership but also underscored his profound impact on organizational growth and success.

Recognizing the importance of people, Sanjay ventured into coaching, completing the entire coaching journey as outlined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) to become a Master Certified Coach (MCC). With over 3,000 coaching hours, he coached professionals from diverse industries, including shipping. Establishing Neptune Excellence LLP, he initiated Coach Training Programs, aiding professionals in leadership development and facilitating others in adopting coaching as a profession.

Sanjay's interests extend beyond the professional realm. An avid golfer with national pro-am tournament victories, he also indulges in playing the tabla, showcasing a deep love for music spanning classical to hard rock. His enthusiasm for theatre in four languages is evident through the organization of theatre festivals. This theatre experience seamlessly integrates into his coaching approach, adding innovation and excitement to his programs.

In summary, Sanjay Shesh's profile is a tapestry of a seasoned maritime professional, successful entrepreneur, and dedicated coach, with a rich tapestry of interests and accomplishments that extend beyond the boardroom.


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