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Capt. Himanshu Joshi

Founder and CEO
Seven Oceans Singapore

Capt. Himanshu Joshi stands at the helm of Seven Oceans Singapore, a leading global commercial shipping enterprise solution, as its Founder and CEO. As an alumnus of institutions such as London Business School, London Guildhall, and TS Rajendra, Mumbai, Captain Himanshu brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the maritime industry.

Widely acknowledged as a thought leader in maritime business intelligence, Captain Himanshu's strategic vision is underpinned by the fundamental belief that business drives technology, not the other way around. His unwavering philosophy revolves around creating substantial growth opportunities within the burgeoning Asian market, positioning Seven Oceans as an indispensable contributor to India's technology-driven narrative.

Captain Himanshu's illustrious career encompasses diverse roles, including serving as a captain on VLCCs, assuming the role of a Shipping Economist with a prominent oil tanker broker in London, and undertaking commercial shipping management responsibilities with OMI in Stamford, Connecticut, and New York. His foray into shipping technology dates back to the early days of the dot-com era, reflecting his adaptability and foresight in the rapidly evolving industry landscape.

Under his astute leadership, Seven Oceans serves a diverse clientele comprising Shipowners, Commodity Traders, Charterers, Cargo Owners, Shipbrokers, Commercial Operators, and Ship Managers. Beyond his professional pursuits, Captain Himanshu nurtures a deep passion for sailing, maritime history, and investing in innovative technologies shaping the future of the shipping and technology sector. His multifaceted interests underscore his commitment to both the industry's advancement as well as his personal growth as a maritime professional of distinction.


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