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The Shipping Tribune aims to provide a platform for merchant navy officers appearing for oral examinations. Below are few questions listed, which have been asked by the surveyors in the past. We request officers who have appeared for oral examinations to send us the questions asked of them so that we can post these questions here for the benefit of other officers appearing for oral examinations. The Shipping Tribune is only facilitating this platform and does not take responsibility for any inaccuracy.

  1. What are the statutory certificates carried on board a Merchant Vessel of various ship sizes?
  2. What are the entries made/recorded in OLB?
  3. List the validity of all certificates carried on board.
  4. Contents of the Statutory certificates.
  5. What is Note of Protest? When and how to tender Note of Protest?
  6. What is Master’s obligation on having received a Distress Message.
  7. What information to gather from survivors?
  8. Duties of On Scene Co-ordinator? Who will be OSC?
  9. Explain Planning and conducting the search. Types of search?
  10. Action in emergency situations- Collision, Grounding, Fire, Oil Pollution
  11. Reporting procedures in case of emergencies
  12. Engine break down in mid Pacific. TRS expected, one ship offers assistance but not on LOF. Demands its own terms and conditions.
  13. Under salvage condition, what consideration should be uppermost in your mind, in addition to any threat to life, your ship or the cargo?
  14. Two hours before sailing, C/E informs you that 2/E is not on board, as Master what action will you take?
  15. Inspection for crew accommodation?
  16. Under what circumstances would you decide to make a port of refuge?
  17. What precautions will you make, 2 hours prior arrival port?
  18. What precautions will you take while receiving bunkers?
  19. Explain contents of SOPEP?
  20. Garbage management plan?
  21. Errors in Magnetic compass? How do you correct them?
  22. Navigational Warning- when do you send? Who is it addressed to? Means of transmission?
  23. Ship abandoned due to a major fire and having been rescued by another ship, what action would you take?
  24. What are the contents of Load Line Certificates? IOPP Certificate?
  25. What OLB entry must be made on the change of Master?
  26. Preparation of Annual and Periodical surveys?
  27. What is Classification society and what is its purpose?
  28. Your vessel is heading south and you see a south cardinal buoy on your right ahead. What is your action?
  29. If you see a white light at night time what it could be?
  30. Where is special mark buoy used?
  31. Fog bank ahead- what action will you take?
  32. Dry dock procedure- before drydocking, after drydocking, before flooding dock.
  33. What is critical instant?
  34. What is critical period?
  35. With cargo on board-what precautions would you take while docking?
  36. Duties of a Safety Officer?
  37. Inspections to be carried out by a Safety Officer?
  38. What is the role of Safety representative?
  39. The duties of Safety Committee?
  40. Methods for improving and maintaining safety awareness?
  41. Fire in E/R of a Reefer Ship, vessel fully loaded, action?
  42. Entry into enclosed spaces? Permit to work? Precautions and Check List?
  43. Explain PMS. What PMS you had on your last ship?
  44. What is Chain Register? Contents?
  45. Master’s handing over documents?
  46. Latest MARPOL amendments?
  47. Recent SOLAS amendments ?
  48. Anchoring and working anchors and cables in all circumstances.
  49. Your vessel suddenly developed 20 degrees list, what is your action?
  50. What is your action before you approach a fog bank?
  51. What information can you retrieve from a stability booklet?
  52. What is risk assessment? From where do you get it?
  53. What do you know about Grain Code?
  54. Latest STCW Code? What are the contents?