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Serious About Autonomous Vessel Insurance

Specialist insurer of liability risks for the owners, operators and managers of autonomous vessels worldwide.

For almost 160 years, Shipowners have provided peace of mind to owners of small and specialist commercial vessels. We are now proud to have a team of dedicated autonomous vessel underwriters working closely alongside leading brokers.

Our specialist insurance policy was developed specifically for the owners and operators of autonomous and remotely operated vessels.. Traditionally our insurance is based upon our Club Rules, but as the language used is often better suited to the commercial vessels we insure, we crafted a plain language policy to meet the unique requirements of the autonomous vessel market. It is one of the most comprehensive autonomous vessel liability policies available.


The Autonomous Vessel liability policy is an ‘all-risks’ policy. We respond to marine liability claims made against you, and provide protection for:

Collision and property of others
We cover your liabilities towards claims arising from collision with other vessels or for loss of or damage to piers, wharves, jetties, pontoons or any property belonging to others.

Pollution and environmental liabilities
Pollution from your MAV, including the cost of clean-up and reasonable measures taken to prevent an imminent risk of pollution. Damage to coral reefs and other sensitive marine environments providing these occur as a result of an identifiable event.

Illness, injury and death
Claims from your crew, passengers or others to pay damages or compensation for personal injury, illness and death including when those claims arise under crew contracts so long as they are reasonable and appropriate for the duties and position held by the crew member when viewed against the prevailing compensation regime.
Related medical costs and other expenses are covered too.

Towage of your MAV
We cover liabilities arising from towage of your MAV provided that any contract that you agree for towage is on terms no less favourable to you than knock for knock terms.

Towage by your MAV
We cover liabilities arising from towage by your MAV, provided that loss of, damage or wreck removal of a towed vessel or object or any cargo or property on it (together with associated costs and expenses) is excluded unless you contract on terms no less favourable to you than on knock for knock terms.

We cover third party liabilities that arise in connection with the MAV following a cyber attack on your shore side systems that control the MAV, or the MAV itself.

Claims for cargo carried on board your MAV including loss, shortage, damage or other responsibility.

Fines for short or over delivery of cargo, failure to comply with regulations relating to declarations of goods or documentation of cargo, accidental escape of oil or other substances from the insured MAV, breach of any immigration law or regulation, smuggling or any infringement by the Master or crew of any customs law or regulation other than in relation to cargo carried on the MAV.

Mitigation Costs
When an event or matter arises which will or is likely to lead to a claim under this policy, you are required to take reasonable steps to mitigate the loss and minimise the amount which would be paid as a claim under this insurance. We will reimburse the reasonable costs and expenses you incur for this purpose.

Property on board your MAV
Liabilities and expenses arising from loss of or damage to any equipment, fuel or other property on board your MAV. Cover for Cargo and Personal Effects is separately provided for above.

War risks
We pay war risks P&I claims. The limit of your cover under this war risks section is US$10,000,000 each MAV, any one incident. If you have no other war risks insurance policy in place, your deductible for war risks P&I claims under this section is the deductible shown on your Certificate of Insurance. If you have purchased a war risks P&I policy from another insurer, your deductible shall be the amount you can recover under your war risks P&I policy with another insurer.


Wreck removal
Wreck removal, marking or lighting costs which are compulsory by law, following the loss of your MAV, including claims for the extra cost and expenses of removing cargo and property which is or was carried on board. We also cover voluntary wreck removal of your MAV from somewhere you own or lease when no wreck removal order has been given. The residual value of the MAV and any cargo and property recovered shall be deducted or offset against your claim.

As a mutual insurer, we work with you to investigate or defend claims brought against you and protect your position. Where liability is established we will act quickly to settle such claims, allowing you to continue to operate your vessel without interruption.

We routinely provide confirmation of entry letters if requested.

Fixed premium
The premium payable for our policy is fixed at the beginning of each year and unless we are asked to make amendments to the insurance cover provided, owners will not be asked to pay any additional premiums.

Additional covers
We can also provide additional cover for charterer’s
liability, Legal Costs cover and Specialist Operations cover for submarines, semi-submersibles and remotely operated vessels (ROVs).

High service standards
We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service. We are able to support you 24 hours a day, through our offices as well as our network of correspondents across the world. As an insured owner you will be able to benefit from our loss prevention advice and contract reviews.
Source: The Shipowners’ Club

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