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Biggest Ever Four Rope Dual Scoop “Smart” Grab Manufactured in India.

Indo-German joint venture Peiner SMAG Machinery (India) Pvt Ltd, specializes in manufacturing Grabs and offering bulk cargo handling solutions, has recently manufactured and delivered the biggest Grab ever made in India.

Mumbai, 02 January 2019 The 55 m3 SMAG Peiner “Smart” Grabs will work in combination with Leibherr Harbour Mobile Cranes, LHM-550 equipped with “Smart-Grip” Technology and are presently in operation at Krishnapatnam Port - one of the largest and most efficient Ports in India.

The two new 55 m3 Grabs will enhance Krishnapatanm Port’s existing capabilities and fleet of 42 + existing Grabs supplied from 2005 in the early days of the Port and still in operation.

Fig1.0: 55 m3 Four Rope Dual Scoop Grab – 1st Smart Grab Manufactured in India.

The Grabs are specially designed to handle Cargos such as Coal; Fertilizer and Agri-products and offer a very high Payload per cycle of 49,500 Kgs (49.5 tons).
The Grabs were manufactured at the SMAG Group’s newest factory in India. The Factory is the most modern grab manufacturing facility in the world and was established in 2015 with the Latest State-of-the-art Machinery from around the world. The new factory in India has manufactured grabs from 0.4 m3 up to 55 m3.

This current project presented many technical challenges:

    The design was undertaken 100% at the SMAG Head Quarters in Salzgitter, Germany.
    The Materials were all imported from Germany as usual.
    The Manufacturing Processes are 100% compliant and certified to EU norms.
    Third Party / Customer Inspection prior dispatch.
    Delivery in fully assembled condition, Ready to Plug-and-Play
        Each Grab weighs 25,500 Kgs.
        Transport Dimensions: L – 7.540 mtr; Width – 5.200 mtr; Height – 7.553 mtr

Despite all the above challenges, the Grabs were delivered to Krishnapatnam Port as per schedule and On-Time, in keeping with PSI’s motto – “Make in India and Delivered On-Time”

The Grabs are customized for the Customers Crane + Cargo + Site conditions and built with a 4-fold reeving system which ensures excellent penetration in the Cargo to ensure maximum filling of the Grab with each cycle of operation.

The Grab is working successfully with Liebherr Harbour Mobile Cranes with Smart Grip Technology which offers the safest and most efficient bulk handling combination available in the world today.
About Peiner SMAG Machinery (India) Pvt Ltd:

Peiner SMAG Machinery (India) Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of SMAG, leaders in manufacturing grabs. Based in Special Economic Zone at Ranipet, India. On the basis of the proven SMAG PEINER product design, the special-purpose  machinery  manufacturer  develops,  manufactures  and  services grabs and lifting accessories for  various industries, e.g. ports, ships, steel mills, waste-to-energy plants and recycling/scrap handling businesses.

Source: Press Release

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