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EGCSA Express Disappointed With The Ban By The Port Of Fujairah On Open-Loop Exhaust Gas Cleaning System Wash Water Discharge

Don Gregory, director of the Exhausts Gas Cleaning Systems Association (EGCSA), says, “We are disappointed to learn of the ban by the Port of Fujairah on open-loop scrubber wash water discharge. This is unfortunate at a time when the shipping industry is working hard to reduce sulphur emissions and may well lead to a setback in the progress already made in reducing emissions. The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) carefully investigated exhaust gas cleaning systems before sanctioning their use to meet the 2020 global 0.5 sulphur cap. We urge other ports and other authorities to research the matter in depth before making hasty decisions inspired by exaggerated claims that may have a very significant, negative impact on the shipping industry and may also undermine the credibility of the IMO Marine Protection Environment Committee who spent time weighing all the sides of the argument before deciding to include compliance methods such as marine scrubbers in regulation 4 of MARPOL Annex VI.”

The Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems Association (EGCSA) was established in 2008 to help create a sustainable operating environment within the marine and energy industry sectors for exhaust gas cleaning system technologies, providing clarity and a rational voice for those companies interested in reducing marine exhaust gas emissions. A key objective for EGCSA is to develop and promote a high level of integrity and standards in exhaust gas cleaning, through knowledge transfer and interaction with regulators and other organisations. EGCSA offers impartial technical information, advice and opinion on the many current and future issues and challenges related to emissions reduction and marine exhaust gas cleaning systems. Member companies of the EGCSA are involved in the development, design and final installed configuration and design approval and acceptance of turnkey exhaust gas cleaning systems to meet the current and future emissions regulations of IMO and, where applicable, additional regulations introduced by regional and national authorities.
Source: EGCSA

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