What Is The Magic That Has Happened In The Last One Year At Coal India?


15th Coaltrans India, held at Goa from 2-4 March 2016 saw participation from nearly all well-known stakeholders of the coal industry.

Mr. B.K. Saxena, Ex-Director of Marketing, Coal India Limited was one of the members of the panel discussion at Coaltrans2016.  Can Coal India achieve the target of one billion tonnes? Can the growth be sustained over a period of time? What is the magic that has happened in the last one year at Coal India? Why we couldn’t achieve it earlier?

Replying to the queries Mr. Saxena said, “Most of the power plants are flooded with coal. Mining is a difficult profession. There are a lot of clearances and permissions involved. During the last year Coal India was able to make a number of capacity expansions, open up some new projects in some coal fields. We have made a capacity enhancement at Mahanadi coalfields. This capacity enhancement has resulted in increase in production levels. There has been an increase in production levels from the ongoing projects due to fast clearances and certain amount of land acquisition. At the end of this financial year we will maintain a stock of 10-15 million tones. If the consumers from the infrastructure, steel, cement or iron industry continue to take the coal we produce, there will not be any issue in achieving the target what we have planned for 2020. There is no doubt that the domestic production will supplement the requirements of the future.”

Source: Ms. Shyamala , Capt. Virendra N Mishra
TSTNewsdesk (The Shipping Tribune)

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