Capt. Sanjeev Buckshee To Take More Strategic Role In Siva Group


Sources close to Siva Group have revealed that Capt. Sanjeev Buckshee has taken up a new position within the Group to play a more strategic role in the groups growth plans. Consequent to this development, he has transitioned his current responsibilities at SIVA BULK. We understand he may be starting a tanker operating vertical for the group.


CEO Mr. Saravana will continue to remain at the helm of affairs as before.


CAPT. Sanjeev Buckshee has been synonymous with Siva Bulk. He single handedly established Crossbridge which was later renamed Siva Bulk. Siva bulk now generates revenue of over $300 million annually. He is known for his keen business acumen & for ransforming the operating business in India.


About Siva Shipping

SIVA entered the shipping business in 2008, through the acquisition of JB Ugland Shipping, an Oslo-based shipping company. Since then, the company has streamlined itself into offshore investments and India centric Frieght Services.

SIVA Shipping operates out of own offices in Singapore, Mumbai, Dubai, Oslo.

SIVA Bulk is one of major carriers of Coal into India and has emerged as a significant freight operator.

Having established partnerships with leading industry players besides enjoying a close relationship with trading houses, customers and owners [especially in Japan, India and China], SIVA Shipping offers unique business opportunities to business partners.

For more information, please visit www.sivashipping.com


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