Excelsia Shipping India held “Seafarers High Tea Meet’’


A splendid ‘High Tea Meet’ in Chandigarh and Dehradun, successfully hosted by Excelsia Shipping India Pvt. Ltd, saw much buzz among the Indian seafarer fraternity and was a win-win investment both for the company and the maritime employees.

A crew management company, Excelsia is based with its head office in Mumbai and regional office in Delhi, It conducted a drive on “Excelsia Unleashing Seafarer’s Potential” on 16th June in Hotel Saffron Leaf, Chandigarh and on 17th June in Hotel Orbit, Dehradun.

A unique and creative approach towards recruitment, the drive saw two way interaction, between the seafarers and Excelsia, who conducted the event with an objective of addressing the Indian seafarers’ queries and issues. A flexible approach, it helped the seafarers warm up to Excelsia and understand its objectives and functioning, with ease.

Further, a “Motivational session” and “Finance and wealth management tips”, included in the meet, provided hindsight, foresight and much knowledge for the attending seafarers, (besides a build up for a much awaited after party, of course !)

Apart from exclusive banking partners Kotak Mahindra Bank, the principals of Excesia, Transnav Ship Management Pte. Ltd, also participated in the drive and it was their COO, Capt. Vikrant Gusain, who summed up the essence of the meet pretty well and expressed

 “We conducted this drive with an aim of addressing Indian seafarers’ issues. We feel extremely grateful for seafarer’s support and leadership in our community and these engaging events to mark seafarers’ learning are an example of the credentials we have earned for ourselves.

Source: Press Release 

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