Newcastle PWCS coal exports to China ease in June from 16-month high in May


Australian coal exports from the Port Waratah Coal Services terminals at Newcastle to China fell 36% on the month to 1.03 million mt in June from a 16-month high of 1.6 million mt in May, PWCS said Friday in an operating report.

The exports to China were the lowest seen from the terminals in a month since March, but well above the 0.58 million mt seen in January, port data showed.

Month-on-month declines in exports were also seen to key destinations of Japan, South Korea and India.

After China, the second sharpest fall came in exports to Japan — which gets the lion’s share of Newcastle exports — with 3.99 million mt shipped in June, down 9% from 4.38 million mt in May, PWCS data showed.

Japan’s year-to-date average of 4.25 million mt lagged 2015’s monthly average of 4.54 million mt.

Japan has received 48% of all Newcastle coal exports for the year to date, with South Korea taking 13%, China 12% and India 1.1%, the Monthly Exports Statistics report said.


PWCS coal exports to South Korea were relatively stable on the month at 0.92 million mt in June, compared with 0.93 million mt in May.

This is well below the 1.79 million mt in June last year. South Korea’s year to date monthly average was at 1.14 million mt, down 0.31 million mt from the 2015 average.

There were no coal cargoes exported to India in June — the second time this has happened this year. In May, 0.034 million mt was exported, while the year-to-date monthly average was at 0.10 million mt, in line with the 2015 average.

Total coal exports from the PWCS terminals at Newcastle in June were 8.31 million mt, down from 9.38 million mt in May, the data showed.

Of the total June coal export volume, about 90% comprised thermal coal and the remaining 10% coking coal.

That indicates around 7.47 million mt of thermal coal was exported during the month, down from 7.97 million mt in May.

Newcastle port has another coal terminal operated under the Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group banner that does not publish regular information on its shipping data.

The NCIG terminal has a capacity of 66 million mt/year and is operated by five coal producers including BHP Billiton, Peabody Energy and Whitehaven Coal.

Source: Platts 

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