New UN rule on oil cargo transfer at sea come into force on Oct 1


THE latest requirements of the MARPOL Annex I for the prevention of oil pollution come into effect October 1, GAC Hot Port News reports. 

According to the amendment regulation, oil residue tank for machinery space shall be provided with a designated pump for disposal of the sludge and the tank shall have no discharge connections to the bilge system, oily bilge water holding tank, tank top or oily water separators. 

The Hong Kong Marine Department states that under the amendment regulation, oil tankers of 150 gross tonnage and above engaged in the transfer of oil cargo at sea must have an approved ship to ship (STS) operation plan. 

Annex 1 of the notice provides guidance to local oil tanker owners and operators for the preparation of an STS operation plan. 

All oil tankers are required to be fitted with a stability instrument comprising hardware and software capable of verifying compliance with the intact and damage stability requirements in any operational condition.

Annex 3 of the notice provides the details of the requirement and the waiving conditions for the installation of a stability instrument. 

Shipowners who would like to apply for waiving of the stability instrument for their ships may submit an application (application form at Annex 4 of this Notice) to the Local Vessels Safety Section.

Shipowners, operators and coxswains of local oil tankers are required to observe and comply with the amendment regulation, the HK Marine Department warned.

Source: Schednet

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