Continued Vigilance recommended in Malacca and Singapore Straits


According to PGI’s Risk Portal, there were at least 81 incidents of piracy or attempted piracy in or around the Singapore and Malacca Straits between April 2015 and April 2016. The majority of these incidents have occurred on the western approach to the narrow waterway, indicative of the heightened risk of piracy in surrounding waters. The actual number of incidents is likely higher, given that many are thought to go unreported. The high-level of piracy in surrounding waters presents security considerations for travel to and from Singapore’s port.

PVI Comment: Levels of piracy in the Singapore Strait region have continued to increase since 2015 with a spike of attacks on vessels while underway. While States bordering the Singapore Strait have increased focus on preventative measures such as localised security initiatives to curb illegal activity it is believed that criminal gangs will continue to pose a high threat to all vessels transiting through these geographically challenging and congested shipping channels.

All vessel should retain a high state of security awareness while transiting these waters.

Source: Protection Vessels International

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