Elektrans Group Celebrates its First Ever Annual ‘Safety and Security Day’


We are very pleased to announce our first ever annual “Safety and Security Day” being celebrated throughout the Elektrans Group, ship as shore, on September 29th, 2016. As prudent asset and risk managers, the Elektrans Group recognizes that there is a clear link between a strong company HSSEQ performance, a human element focus and a strong sustainable Elektrans business performance.

The annual Elektrans ‘Safety and Security day’ is meant as a time out during which we jointly all hands on deck reflect on, discuss and find new ways on how we can further improve our HSSEQ performance overall as a company, team and individuals. The glue that keeps it all together is a strong company safety culture and mindset which we want to further nourish.

We believe in constant improvement as a key driver to our success and that we must never become complacent on our past results or take good HSSEQ performance for granted.

The concept of our ‘HSSEQ’ is based on the five key pillars which together constitute the scope of Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality. The HSSEQ scope is linked and interdependent to the Elektrans Company and our human element factor. Our new human element concept logo displays this clearly in a three- in- one format.

Shipping is, perhaps, the foremost international of all industries. It enables globalisation as does it yield the most cost and energy efficient transport mode of all.

Global trade and prosperity is directly dependent on maritime shipping.

We are proud to be a part of the global shipping industry and constantly strive to take responsibility by setting higher safety and security industry standards in collaboration with our relevant stakeholders.

Yet, a vast majority of the public needs to be further informed of the importance of a well- functioning shipping industry and how it influences the daily lives of many.

Global free trade and cost efficient seaborne logistics is dependent on safe and secure conditions. This year, the World Maritime Day theme provides an opportunity to put that right. It gives an opportunity to the shipping community to tell its story: the story of an industry that, in terms of efficiency, safety, environmental impact and its contribution to global trade is unmatched by any other transport sector. The story of shipping– which is, truly, indispensable to the world.

We, at Elektrans, believe that the sustainability of shipping cannot be achieved without the strong foundation of the pillars of safety and security.

On the occasion, Capt. Michael Elwert (Group CEO, Elektrans Group) expressed, ‘Today, shipping is regarded as one of the most promising sectors to boost internalisation. We believe that sturdy safety and security measures are as important as efficient business management to function as a sustainable maritime company. We will continue to drive public attentiveness on the subject through our corporate strategies and practices.’

Capt. Deepak Arora, Managing Director of Elektrans Group, said, ‘Elektrans has always attempted to embark on new thresholds towards our safety and quality excellence across the maritime domain. As another such initiative, we are proud to inform you of the Elektrans ‘Safety and Security Day’. This is an endeavour to reinstate our measures to ensure a safe and secure environment. This day is a tribute to the efforts of our maritime industry and a platform to ideate and develop better strategies to safeguard those associated with the industry.’

Source: Press Release 

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