A Date With Destiny on Ship Management Business is Set : Capt. Sanjay Prashar


The third edition of India Ship Management Summit, 2016 was organized by The Shipping Tribune on 6th October at Mumbai.  The summit received a worldwide participation from various stakeholders of the shipping industry. Capt. Sanjay Parashar, Managing Director of VR maritime services, was the first speaker at the inaugural session of the Summit.  

Speaking about the parameters required for ship management business to flourish in India he said, “Access to seafarers, customer oriented business philosophy, good management, contact with shipping banks are necessary.” Citing the examples of India’s successful growing shipping management companies who have grown over 20%, Capt. Parashar added the country has great HR asset unlike countries like Cyprus, Hongkong and Singapore which have good banking, strategic location, good quality of life, great networking and supportive legislation of taxes.  “We need a positive approach along with partnership and alliances with foreign ship management companies to grow in the right direction.”  He cited the examples of eminent players who have set up their companies in India because of the talent pool and cost advantages. He also stressed on the necessity to be bring in change in banking laws and infrastructure for ship managers.

“India has the best resources. It’s time we go to other countries, conduct studies among companies and find out what it will take for them to set up bases in India. Offshore has to be done from India if it’s from Indian coast.  It’s time to go for the technical management of sea going ships and fixtures instead of being content handling pre and post fixtures. We’re good in ship management and our banks allow us to go into ownerships.  Ship scraping is also another aspect which needs to be explored.  It’s the law of nature that wherever services are being provided at cost effective rates a business will not only survive but grow.”

He concluded by saying, “We have a government creating an environment for growth. So, it’s matter of time we see Mumbai as a ship management hub on the world map. We have the right work force which is envied by ship owners. Thus a date with destiny on ship management business is set. We know it and world will know it soon.”



Source: TST Newsdesk

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