Let’s go hand in hand and find solutions : Mr. Narendra Keshav Sawaikar, Member of Parliament


Shri Narendra Keshav Sawaikar, member of the 16th Lok Sabha, was one of the dignitaries who graced the 3rd Annual India Ship Management Summit, 2016.   Hailing from Goa, Mr. Sawaikar has time and again championed the cause of the seafarers.  Among many things, he has raised the issue of the income tax of seafarers with the Prime minister’s office, Ministry of Shipping, and ministry of finance.

He gave a brief perspective of how the government looks at some of the important issues faced by the shipping fraternity. | “The vision of the government is to give the highest priority to our waterways. The shipping ministry has come out with comprehensive strategy to deal with all the issues pertaining to the sector. As part of the Sagarmala project, an initiative by the government of India to modernize India’s ports, more than 150 projects have already been identified at an estimated investment of around 60 billion dollars.”

Mr. Sawaikar shared the recent report on the global competitive index India which showed the biggest improvement in rankings as its competitiveness improved on several fronts including the efficiency in good market and innovation. The report released last week by the World economic forum revealed that over the last two years India has climbed 32 points in its ranking. It was ranked 55th among 114 countries in 2015-2016.  It has moved to the 39th spot in the 2016-2017.  “The economy has stabilized and boasts among the highest growth among the G20 countries.”   Being from Goa which accounts for a substantial number of seafarers, he spoke about the state being the only place where the pension of the sea farers has been raised from Rs 200 to Rs 2500 per month.

Recently, following a Calcutta income tax tribunal which brought the issue of seafarers being brought into the ambit of the income tax department, Mr. Sawaikar informed the gathering that he has brought it to the notice of the finance minister and the shipping minister, Mr.  Nitin Gadkari.   Mr. Sawaikar said he was confident that   Mr.  Gadkari  with his vision and action will definitely look into the matter.  He stressed on the need for interaction between the policy makers and the different kind of industries and assured the shipping and the maritime industry of his full support and cooperation in taking up all the issues with the government of India. “People expect policy makers to be proactive. Let’s go hand in hand and find solutions.”



Source: TST Newsdesk

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