If India Has To Develop At A Set Pace, We Need To Look For Better Model All The Time: Mr. Satish Kumar, Managing Director, Dockendale Ship Management


Mr. Satish Kumar, Managing Director, Dockendale Ship Management Ltd, connected with the audience of India Ship Management Summit 2016 by asking, Can all the verticals be operated from India? This is an important point which needs to be dwelled upon as the Indian Shipping industry plays an important role in the Indian economy with almost 90%of the country’s international trade via sea. India has the largest Merchant Fleet among the developing nations. India is ranked 16th in the world, with a shipping tonnage of around 11.5 million gross tonnage. Today India has 1071 ships, with 722 coastal and 349 foreign going ships. Cargo Traffic which recorded 1557 MT in 2015 is expected to grow to 1758MT in 2017.

Mr. Satish Kumar shared his motivation to bring business to India- the growth target pegged by the Ministry of Shipping at 3130 Mt by 2020.  He shared the apprehensions of some of the ship owners about coming to India and how his company earned their faith by promising them the best analysis, did a complete study of the political, social and technological areas and conducted the ship operations in a better way thereby earning their trust and further business.

He highlighted the operating cost of having Indians working abroad in different capacities and talked about the economies of scale which will prevail if companies got their employees to operate from India adding, “The other major benefits of bringing the business to India would be job creation at lower ranks and inflow of foreign currency.”

  He also spoke in great detail about the reasons people detest operating from India. Speaking about the huge resistance by employees to move back to India, Mr. Kumar said, “One of the main reasons being housing expenses as not only everyone stays in Mumbai.  They need support to get houses. Vessel owners have not gathered confidence in Indian operations.   People are comfortable with the infrastructure at present work place be in Hong Kong or Singapore. Another factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the workforce are from different provinces of India who enjoy being in India for social gatherings. Personal and family security bothers the employees. So is the resistance from children in the family to return to India as they are used to the comforts abroad.”

“If India has to develop at a set pace, and rise to new heights, we all need to think together and have to connect/convey and convince all.” He concluded the session by voicing the following words. “If I continue doing what I’m doing, I will get what I’m getting. Hence, I need to look for better model all the time, and change my stance accordingly.”

Source: TST Newsdesk

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