Summary of 2014 Trail Walking Event


Summary of 2014 Trail Walking Event

No. of teams started              133

No. of teams completed        80

The Ancient Mariners 22nd  Rank


PROUD Mariners

1. Ranjit Narayanan, Age 55

2. Capt. Deepak Correa, Age 45

3. Capt. Sudipto Dasgipta, Age 42

4. Vaishak Chavan, Age 46

The earlier team of The Ancient Marines who after a sabbatical last year are now back again to be part of the 2016 Trail walking Event. Now in the new in the avatar as The “Proud Mariners” under the “Proud To be Marines” imitative which is an Anglo Eastern outreach for the Maritime Fraternity. As the above figures show we were able to complete the tough terrain in the mountains and stand 22nd among the 133 teams that started.

The important part about a charity event is finally the ability to convert the event into a sizeable collection of found which could be used for fighting the various causes of inequality that affects our society. Education of the Rural Girl Child was a cause that we were concerned with and will continue to be come about with education and we are lending our efforts towards the cause. Teaching a girl is akin to teaching a family.

The work that Oxfam India does is vital to so many people worldwide and 100km is a long way to walk! But putting ourselves through weeks of intense training to walk 100km is worth it. To prove to our family, friends climbed; that our hearts are still mightier than our waistlines. That we many no longer be “Sailing”, but that still does not stop us from being ‘Proud Marines’ who are prepared to walk that extra mile for the Girl Child.

We’ll do the walking, all you have to do is help with the justification –the bit about raising money for Oxfam India. Without the fund raising, we can’t do the walk.  

Please Click on below to take you to our Team Site to help you swipe your Master or Visas Card online. You many issue a cheque in favour of “Oxfam India”

If you would like to sponsor us please follow the link:


Source: Mr. Ranjit Narayanan Team Leader / Proud Mariners

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