BIMCO Shipping KPIs monthly news December 2016



BIMCO Shipping monthly news December 2016 – integrate your system with Shipping KPI.

BIMCO Shipping KPI wishes you season’s greetings for a happy and prosperous new year.

In 2016, the Shipping KPI improved through you, the user, and we thank you for your active support and information. We now have more than 5150 ships listed in the BIMCO Shipping KPI. Your contribution is of huge worth to future Shipping KPIs developments. The BIMCO Shipping KPI had a revised vision and mission from BIMCO, with a well-defined scope and targets. KPI expert groups were actively involved in reviewing and revising PIs with many discussions and meetings to make PIs easier to understand and use.

This year was also a change for BIMCO with a total rebrand including new logo, vision and mission and the launch of the new BIMCO website. We are looking forward to 2017 with more support from Shipping KPI users and BIMCO members and the launch of a new integrated system, better PI and KPI definitions and more. See you for a promising 2017!
The revised PI definitions will be published and ready for guidance and reference at the end December 2016 or early January 2017.

Things you might not know – Integrate your system with the Shipping KPI

The Shipping-KPI Application Programming Interface (API) allows third-party developers to incorporate Shipping-KPI data with their applications. Integrating your applications with the Shipping-KPI using our API, gives your own internal applications the ability to submit ship’s data automatically, as well as using any statistics you can perform on the benchmark page. You can integrate from many platforms including websites, desktop and mobile applications (IOS, Android, Windows).

Included features:

  • promote your KPIs on your company’s website
  • view and match KPIs in your in-house business intelligence
  • get trend data
  • analysis on any device
  • upload ship data automatically
  • get breakdown data
  • get ship information
  • developer documentation.

Monthly random Shipping KPI – KPI014: Port state control performance

This KPI expresses the company’s Port State Control Performance.

The KPI counts the number of times where port state control inspections are conducted without any deficiency being reported and divides this number by the total number of port state control inspections conducted during the same period.
KPI014 is measured in ‘flawless inspections/inspections’. KPI014 is depending on: PI049 – Number of PSC inspections, PI051 – Number of PSC inspections resulting in zero deficiencies.

KPI014 value calculation example

A  Number of PSC inspections resulting in zero deficiencies:  = 2
B  Number of PSC inspections:  = 4
KPI Value  Flawless port state control performance  

Source: Bimco

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