Australia Newcastle PWCS coal vessel queue rises from five to eight on week


The vessel queue at the Port Waratah Coal Services terminal at the Port of Newcastle, Australia, grew week on week Sunday but remained lower than in the recent months, the logistics co-ordinator for the Hunter Valley Coal Chain said Monday.

The queue was eight-ships long Sunday, up from five the previous week, the HVCC co-ordinator said.

It has barely hit double-figures throughout January after averaging 23 ships in December and 15 in 2016 as a whole, data collected from the HVCC’s weekly reports showed.

The queue is expected to remain at a similar length in the coming weeks, with HVCC forecasting it, based on terminal demand, to be eight at the end of both January and February.

Inbound receivals to the PWCS terminal were 3.10 million mt for the week ended Sunday, up slightly from 3.07 million mt a week earlier, the HVCC report said.

Port Waratah coal stocks finished the week at 1.42 million mt, a decrease of 316,000 mt from the previous week, it said.

There was one ship assembled and one queuing up at the Port Kembla Coal Terminal Sunday, up from zero, either assembled or queueing, a week earlier, the port operator said. No coal was outloaded from PKCT in the past week, with the terminal’s month-to-date output unchanged at 430,904 mt, figures from the operator said.

A source close to the terminal said there have been no maintenance issues recently at PKCT and the lack of loading probably has more to do with commercial arrangements between the buyers and suppliers.

There is, however, some planned maintenance scheduled for next week, but the dates were unspecified.

PKCT stockpiles of coal stood at 373,938 mt Sunday, up from 289,767 mt a week earlier, the operator said.

The vessel queue at the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal changed little week on week. There was one ship loading Monday and 13 at anchorage, which compares with two loading and 13 at anchorage a week earlier.

The RG Tanna Coal Terminal at the Port of Gladstone had two ships at berth and 11 at anchorage, which compares with four at berth and seven at anchorage in a week earlier, the Gladstone Ports Corporation said.

Source: Platts 

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