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ARI Simulation delivers an advanced full mission offshore vessel handling, DP2 and anchor handling simulator to KOREA MARITIME AND OCEAN UNIVERSITY


Korea Maritime and Ocean University (KMOU) has taken delivery of a new multifunctional offshore vessel handling and operations simulator from ARI Simulation.  The offshore simulator features an offshore replica bridge with ten visual channels delivering a 240 degree field of view.  The bridge is fully equipped with offshore vessel technologies and includes a full DP2 simulator interfaced to real DP console hardware.  As a full mission dynamic positioning simulator the installation has been built to comply with the latest Class A standard from the Nautical Institute as well as the requirement for use in Seatime Reduction (STR).


In addition to its capabilities as a full mission DP bridge, the offshore simulator has been equipped with full manual handling controls and can be used to train for complete anch0ro handling operations via the ARI Anchor Handling Operations System.  This includes a complete set of winch controls and the full suite of engineering interfaces required to lay and retrieve anchors.  The simulator features ARI’s renowned instructor application with complete mission design and fault introduction features, allowing faculty to design and build a virtually unlimited range of exercises and scenarios.  Debriefing features include the ability to review a trainee exercise in full and adjust virtual cameras to reinforce learning points.  The debrief modules can also take advantage of the software’s subsea visualisation system, in which instructor can take trainees underwater to better create the kind of enhanced situational awareness that offshore operations demand. 

Source: Press Release

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