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The Shipping Tribune has closely followed all the developments at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust


The Shipping Tribune has closely followed all the developments at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust. During last few months the port has been making headlines in media for providing Direct Port Delivery (DPD) facility at JNPT. This move is expected to reduce the handling cost at the port. Last week, the Central Government has cleared Rs 2,029 Crore project for JNPT Channel Expansion. We interviewed Mr. Neeraj Bansal, I.R.S., Dy. Chairman, JN Port, and discussed various issues ranging from DPD facility, Future plans of the port, Coastal Shipping etc. Mr. Bansal explains the benefits of DPD facility extended to all ACP clients in detail. In his own words “We are creating more value for EXIM trade”. Please watch the video interview by clicking this link:

Some Important points:

  1. The project cost will be funded through internal resources of JNPT with market borrowing
  2. Channel will be widened to 450 meters from current width of 370 meters, straight reach channel to be extended to 35.5 kms from existing 33.5 kms
  3. The draught of the channel will be increased to 15 meters from the current 14 meters
  4. Total capacity of the JNPT for handling containers will go up to 9.8 million TEUs, from current 5 million TEUs
  5. In future container vessels of size 12,000 TEUs will be able to call JNPT Port
  6. JNPT has extended Direct Port facility to all ACP ( Accredited Client Programmer) clients.
  7. By facilitating DPD, importers gets the following benefits:
  1. The prompt and timely delivery by the Port Terminals will help in reducing inventory cost.
  2. Saving in transportation from Port Terminal to Customs bound warehouses.
  3. Handling and storage charges at warehouse.
  4. Container detention charges payable to Shipping agencies.
  5. Delivery of DPD container at Port Terminals is on 24x7 basis which is not possible in custom bounded warehouses.
  6. Saving towards dwelling of boxes till clearance at destined custom bound warehouses. The average dwell time of import laden containers moved locally by road is 1.6 days at JNPT (all three terminals put together) as against 7-9 days in JNPT eco system ie the time between landing at Port Terminal to receipt of container from warehouses. Aforesaid benefits collectively result in saving of approx. Rs. 25,000/-to Rs. 40,000/- per container to the importer.

Source: Capt. Virendra N Mishra / TST Newsdesk

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