Intelligent Algorithms For Condition- Based Maintenance Of Ship Systems


High cost pressure in the merchant shipping industry and increasing availability requirements from the charterer side require reliable maintenance of ships and their systems. This challenge can be met with optimised maintenance planning and more efficient maintenance processes.

Now, mainly time-based preventive maintenance processes are carried out predominantly for different reasons. So far, condition-based maintenance (CBM) has been mainly used for ship propulsion systems. However, significant cost savings could be made on maintenance and spare parts procurement leading to roughly 25% of the ship‘s total operating cost. For this purpose, CML has developed a methodology for condition-based maintenance of other ship systems. The aim is to develop suitable fault diagnosis and prognosis solutions

for further ship systems such as generators, refrigeration systems and electronic components. These systems contribute a significant proportion of maintenance expenses and may lead to operational restrictions in the event of a failure. CML‘s approach determines the targeted selection of these ship systems as well as the development of evaluation algorithms. For this purpose, four steps are carried out:

In the first step, suitable systems are identified through potential estimation and feasibility assessment as well as an analysis of relevant error types. Among other things, selection criteria include cost saving potential and data availability.

The second step involves a detailed analysis of existing and newly obtained data regarding quality and suitability for CBM.

To make real time statements regarding system status, in the third step, algorithms specifically tailored to the system are developed to diagnose relevant error types and predict the system‘s remaining useful lifetime. For this purpose, a large pool of various and proven procedures is already available.

Finally, the model is implemented and calibrated with historical data. The scientists are convinced that cost-saving potentials can also be realized by the use of condition- based maintenance procedures in other operating-relevant components which have not yet been considered under these aspects.

Source: Centre for Maritime Logistics and Services (CMS)

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