MCX Crude Oil Sep17 drops 5.18% in August; Silver Sep17 gains 2.98%


India's Multi Commodity Exchange has recorded a monthly turnover of Rs. 4,88,628.69 crore during the month of August this year. MCX Comdex, the composite index of metals, energy and agri-commodities wasup by124.74pointto3299.37point.

MCX Metal index was reached at5027.35and MCX Energy index was reached at2292.46while MCX Agri index reached at2517.08point.MCX COMDEX is India's maiden real-time Composite Commodity Index based on commodity futures prices of an exchange.

GOLD Oct17contract was up by3.44%to Rs.29745.00per 10 gram.GOLD Dec17contract was up by5.31%to Rs.29899.00per 10 gram.GOLDM Sep17contract was up by3.67%to Rs.29756.00per 10 gram.

GOLDM Oct17contract was up by3.41%to Rs.29753.00per 10 gram.GOLDGUINEA Sep17contract was up by3.97%to Rs.23821.00per 8 gram.GOLDPETAL Sep17contract was up by3.48%to Rs.2973.00per gram.

SILVER Sep17contract was up by2.98%to Rs.39798.00per kg.SILVER Dec17contract was up by3.96%to Rs.40700.00per kg.SILVERM Nov17contract was up by3.95%to Rs.40721.00per kg.SILVERM Feb18contract was up by3.78%to Rs.41327.00per kg.SILVERMIC Nov17contract was up by3.95%to Rs.40719.00per kg.

COPPER Nov17contract was up by5.76%to Rs.440.80per kg.COPPERM Nov17contract was up by5.76%to Rs.440.70per kg.NICKEL Sep17contract was up by13.98%to Rs.754.80per kg.NICKELM Sep17contract was up by14.01%to Rs.755.00per kg. ALUMINIUM Sep17contract was up by9.94%to Rs.135.55per kg.

ALUMINI Sep17contract was up by9.94%to Rs.135.55per kg.LEAD Sep17contract was up by2.27%to Rs.152.90per kg.LEADMINI Sep17contract was up by2.27%to Rs.152.95per kg.ZINC Sep17contract was up by12.23%to Rs.201.85per kg.ZINCMINI Sep17contract was up by12.23%to Rs.201.85per kg.

CRUDEOIL Sep17contract was down by5.18%to Rs.3038.00per BBL.CRUDEOILM Sep17contract was down by5.15%to Rs.3037.00per BBL.NATURALGAS Sep17contract was up by6.16%to Rs.194.80per MMBTU.

COTTON Oct17contract was up by1.14%to Rs.18650.00per bales.CPO Sep17contract was up by5.27%to Rs.517.80per 10 kgs.CARDAMOM Sep17contract was up by8.37%to Rs.1200.60per kg.MENTHAOIL Sep17contract was up by7.28%to Rs.1189.20per kg.PEPPER Sep17 contract was up by 2.83% to Rs. 48,880.00 per 100 kgs.

Source: Commodity Online 

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