Uncertainty in the import of wheat affected by Ergot Fungus in Egypt continues

In September 2016 the Egyptian Cabinet had reinstated the Egyptian Standard Specifications (2010) on all wheat shipments. According to these specifications the tolerated Ergot Fungus percentage was 0.05%.

Pursuant to a recent application by an Egyptian citizen to the Administrative Court alleging danger to the health of the Egyptian people, the issue has once again come back to light.

The Administrative Court rendered a judgment suspending the decision to import Russian wheat affected by Ergot fungi and the import of present and future shipments.

The club’s local correspondents Eldib Pandi have warned that a further period of uncertainty is likely to recommence now, since the government released to the press that they intend to appeal the said court decision. The head of the General Organization for Import and Export Control (GOEIC) stated in the press release that the judgment of the Administrative Court is not final and hence GOEIC will continue to receive the wheat consignments imported and will abide by the Ergot tolerance percentage of 0.05%.

Members who are considering transporting wheat to Egypt are advised to closely monitor the situation.

Source: The Standard Club

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