Use of electronic certificates on board Singapore ships

Members are advised that The Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has released Shipping Circular No 26 of 2017 which discusses their intention to transition towards the full implementation of electronic certificates, issued to vessels by the Administration. This will commence from December 2017. The aim of this move is to reduce the administration burden on, port State control officials, ships’ crew, Administrations and other stakeholders, which is caused by (amongst other reasons) the reliance on traditional paper certificates.

Electronic certificates issued by the MPA will contain all features in accordance to FAL.5/Circ.39/Rev.2. The Electronic certificates will contain a ‘Quick Response’ (QR) Code to facilitate the verification process. Relevant parties wishing to verify the authenticity and validity of the electronic certificates can do so online using either the QR Code (found in each electronic certificate) or by entering the unique tracking number at the online verification system. The address of this verification system can be viewed here.

For full details please refer to the attached document, MPA Shipping Circular No. 26 of 2017.

Source: The Standard Club

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