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The Shipping Tribune ‘Person Of The Year 2017’ Announced

“He saved my life and family. He has given me a new life. He rescued me. Capt. Sanjay Prashar is like God to me” These are the words of Mr. Harinder Singh, an A.B., who was sent by an illegal, Non-RPSL placement agency to a dead ship in Iran to live in inhuman conditions without salary.

Mr. Harinder is not the only seafarer to narrate us such a horrible experience. Mr. Satyendra Yadav too was sent to Iran on a dead ship where he worked for more than two years, not only Capt. Sanjay Prashar came to his rescue but also employed him in his company, V.R. Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.

The Shipping Tribune has received many phone call, emails and WhatsApp messages from seafarers belonging to different states in India, telling their stories and how with the help of Capt. Sanjay Prashar they have come back to living a normal life. Capt. Sanjay Prashar has influenced lives of thousands of Seafarers and even their families.

Considering his commitment and unmatched contribution to the human rights for Indian Seafarers , The Shipping Tribune is pleased to announce Capt. Sanjay Prashar as "The Shipping Tribune Person of The Year 2017"

Who is Capt. Sanjay Prashar?

Capt. Prashar is an Indian entrepreneur who has promoted technical ship management business in India and is the Founder of VR Maritime Services Pvt Ltd. He is best known for his active support to seafarers in need particularly those who have been cheated by the rough manning agents. Unlicensed Indian agents have sent over 1,000 seafarers to Iran are employed on 'dead ships' at Iranian ports and Capt. Prashar has been instrumental to bring the plight of these seafarers to light. The son of an Indian Air Force officer, he did his schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya, joined Ship in 1990 and took Command of MOL ship in 2002. After working with various Management companies including a two years stint at HK, he started a Crew Management company in 2010.

Having sharp entrepreneurial skills, he has implemented a new style of Management which has found great acceptance with Ship Owners. Visiting ships as Crew Manager, getting into minutest details of Seafarers' attitude and career corrections, he has been leading from front data analysis of Indian Seafarers examination pattern and changes in their lifestyle vis a vis professional achievements.

He is also a member of Think Tank "Forum for Integrated National Security - FINS” as Maritime Security Study Group co-convener (India), thus participating in Government policy making. One of his astounding works has been “Shifting Longitude from 78deg East to 65 deg East – Piracy Zone”.  His future goals is to stay truthful to Seafarers and Ship Owners.

Some of his outstanding contributions are :

  • Better regulations for the rights and security of Indian Seafarers. There was no Industry representation for stranded Indian Seafarers in Iran , Malaysia , UAE and other parts of the world who joined ships through non RPSL agencies. At times young trainees were forced to do slavery at Sea for 24 months, no salaries , no insurance and depleting provision supply. Capt Prashar whilst bringing back the last remaining mortals of Seafarers from Iran and Malaysia realised the policy changes required. He relentlessly pursued e-migration for Indian Seafarers, INDIAN CDC basis 5 STCW 2010 Courses &. Central reporting point (DG Shipping) for any grievance of any Indian Seafarer rather than only those from RPSL companies. Soon the impact of these efforts bore results. In September 2017, The Government of India brought in new regulation concerning all 3 of above.
  • Using a huge reach on Social Media for the benefit of Indian Seafarers. He has mammoth research on examination system for Cert of Competency for Indian Seafarers, pursued relentlessly by reaching out to all stakeholders by e-mail, personal representation, Twitter, Linkdin, Quora, whatsapp. He published more than 109 data analysis. Today, DG Shipping has taken Maritime Training issues head on.
  • Providing Employment to seafarers in need. His company V.R. Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd. has accepted many Seafarers who were cheated by non RPSL agents. Finest example is Deck Cadet Bhushan Jadhav whom he helped file FIR against non RPSL agents who send him to Iran on Death Ship. The only FIR in India which resulted in Thane Police Commissioner Going after the culprits. It took 3 months to nab the culprits who are now languishing in Jail as they stand convicted for Seafarers smuggling at Sea.
  • Spreading Awareness and being an important influence on Policy Making. Holding workshop for Seafarers on e-migrate, influencing policy making as Spokesperson of IMF ( 2 Yrs old Association which after his joining is a force to reckon with), Heading Maritime Security for Thinktank FINS ( Forum for Integrated National Security) and working with NGO FANS ( Forum for awareness of national security) in addition to finding jobs for Indian Seafarers has been his forte.
  • Working closely with many Members of Parliament and Ministers for issues concerning Seafarers. MV Emerald Star , where he went on to arrange meetings between bereaved families of missing Seafarers, Company and Hon Minister Sushma Swaraj Ji is well known. How he got a Ship out of Yemen (war torn country) with 7 Indian Seafarers in October 2017 and sailed it to Dubai, is well known to Indian Shipping Fraternity and Ministry of External Affairs.
  • All this is done whilst running his own Company which has 50 ships under Crew Management and 5 under Technical Management. He visits ships, at times travel to Seafarers home in Tuticorin, Haryana etc.

On behalf of the shipping fraternity and Team Shipping Tribune we congratulate Capt. Sanjay Prashar and wish him a successful journey in the fight for human rights of Seafarers.


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