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Haropa’s record-breaking year with box traffic up 15pc to 3m TEU in 2017

HAROPA handled a record three million TEU in 2017, with container traffic up 15 per cent and overall seaborne trade up six per cent compared with a year earlier. The figures were the best recorded among north European ports.

Hinterland container traffic rose by seven per cent year on year to two million TEU, while transshipment volume increased by an all-time high of 39 per cent.

The strong performance was attributed to the overall development of Haropa's logistics sector which combines high-performance cargo transit with fully developed and connected logistics zones and multimodal inland transport services, reported American Journal of Transportation.

The rising strength of the multimodal terminal in Le Havre in 2017, which handled 145,000 TEU, also supports the development of new rail and river services.

All of Haropa's trade sectors reported growth with ro-ro import and export traffic combined up 18 per cent after the port handled 300,000 vehicles.

The liquid bulk trades rose five per cent, while seaborne and river trades of building materials increased by 19 per cent and 14 per cent respectively.

Since last April Haropa has accommodated the transatlantic and Asia-Europe services of three major shipping alliances: 2M, Ocean Alliance and The Alliance. In addition, The Alliance has announced that starting from April 2018 a new Asia-Europe service will call at Haropa.

Source: Schednet

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