NYK, MOL, “K” Line’s ONE joint venture starts to book cargo

OCEAN Network Express (ONE) that combines the container shipping businesses of Japan's "K" Line, NYK and MOL started accepting cargo bookings in stages from February 1 ahead of the official launch of its business operations on April 1.

"With the commencement of ONE's business operations, there will be up to four companies, namely ONE, "K" Line, MOL and NYK operating on the same service concurrently during the transitional period until three pre-existing lines completely stop operating vessels," a joint statement said.

It said that to help customers place bookings with the right party, information about the operators on each route and service details can be found online in the "Booking Ownership Guide" and "Vessel Voyage Direction List" at: Booking Ownership Guide https://ecomm.one-line.com/ecom/CUP_HOM_3271.do?isPopup=Y&coCd=ONE

The website address for the "Vessel Voyage Direction List" is: https://www.one-line.com/en/standard-page/vessel-voyage-direction-list

It added: "If a customer makes a booking with an operator different from those in the "Booking Ownership Guide" or "Vessel Voyage Direction List," we will attempt to coordinate between ONE and "K" Line, MOL and NYK to ensure handover to the appropriate operator upon confirmation of the customer's intent."

Customers are advised to contact each country's ONE office for more detailed information regarding booking acceptance at: https://www.one-line.com/en/standard-page/booking-contacts

Source: Schednet

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