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Thailand’s Jan coal imports rise 22% on year to 1.6 mil mt

Thailand imported nearly 1.6 million mt of coal in January, up 21.6% from the same month in 2017, according to data released Thursday by the Customs Department.

Of the total, the country imported 515,870 mt of bituminous coal in the month, down 21.9% year on year. Most of it was from Australia at 298,261 mt, up 103.8% year on year, and from Indonesia at 216,580 mt, down nearly 42% year on year.

The imports of other coal rose 65.5% year on year to 1.08 million mt in January, with Indonesia at 969,919 mt, up 93.9% on the year, and Cyprus at 111,669 mt, up from none a year ago, being the main suppliers.

In 2017, Thailand imported 22.18 million mt of coal, up 2.5% from 2016 — with bituminous coal at 9.85 million mt, down 3.2% year on year, and other coal at 12.14 million mt, up 7.6% on the year. Indonesia and Australia remained key suppliers of coal to Thailand in 2017.

Meanwhile, Thailand produced 16.26 million mt of lignite in 2017, down 4.2% year on year, according to data released February 12 this year by Thailand’s Energy Policy and Planning Office.

Last year, the country consumed total 39.07 million mt of coal and lignite, up 0.9% year on year. Of the total, coal-fired power plants consumed 23.73 million mt, down 4.2% year on year. The rest was consumed by other industrial users.

Data of production and consumption for January is scheduled to be released next month.

Source: Platts

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