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VLCC carrying diesel changes course from Northwest Europe, points to Med: cFlow

The Maran Aphrodite, a VLCC carrying diesel expected to head to Southwold, UK, is now pointing to the Mediterranean, according to Platts trade flow software cFlow.

Traders had said on Monday they expected the VLCC to discharge the diesel onto smaller cargoes in the Southwold ship-to-ship transfer zone.

The Maran Aphrodite loaded with diesel in Tianjin in China and Pengerang in Malaysia, and was on course for Southwold Monday, having travelled north of the Straight of Gibraltar.

However, on Tuesday the VLCC looked to take a sharp turn east, changing course for the Mediterranean, according to cFlow.

There has been talk of the vessel carrying out a ship-to-ship transfer in the Mediterranean or in Northwest Europe in recent weeks.

Total, having originally chartered the Maran Aphrodite, was heard on Monday to have the STI Sloane and the Sea Beauty on subjects to load 90,000 mt of diesel each via STS in Southwold, but on Tuesday these were both heard to have failed.

The Diamond Express was on Tuesday heard on subjects by Total to take on 37,000 mt of diesel in the Mediterranean by STS with options to move the cargo within the Mediterranean or to the UKC region.

Total could not be reached for comment on the matter.

Source: Platts

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