M+R Spedag Powers Transpacific Agent Rate Connectivity with CargoSphere Rate Mesh


CargoSphere, the leading provider of frictionless rate distribution and cloud-based global freight rate management, today announces M+R Forwarding (China) Ltd., the Asian forwarding group of M+R Spedag, a global transportation and logistics company headquartered in Switzerland, has expanded its relationship with CargoSphere to continue realizing the advantages of distributing transpacific rates with U.S. agents in the CargoSphere Rate Mesh. As part of this growth, M+R is also adding sales and operations staff to its CargoSphere user community to strengthen business development through faster distribution of accurate, timely rates to customers.

The current freight rate environment is highly volatile, with rates changing every day, which puts added pressure on freight transportation buyers and sellers who need access to current, accurate rates with all the up-to-date surcharges and GRIs (general rate increases) included in bottom-line costs.

In this atmosphere, M+R is continuously tasked with updating their rates.  To streamline this non-stop task, M+R uses SUDS (Smart Upload and Diagnostic Solution), CargoSphere's proprietary software.  SUDS intelligently reads and processes external freight rate data directly from any static document and loads it into the user's dynamic rate system database.

M+R's systematized, rate updates are distributed in the Rate Mesh cloud to their partner network in the US. This enables each agent partner to receive current rates from M+R on their own in-house CargoSphere pricing system, or through M+R-branded guest systems. By connecting with M+R in the Rate Mesh cloud, U.S. agents effectively eliminate the U.S.-Asia time zone difference.  There's no waiting for Asia to open for business.

Gary Pope, VP of Ocean Freight Procurement Asia, M+R Spedag said, "The CargoSphere Rate Mesh reduces the hassle of making our own spreadsheets and emailing them to our partners.  Rates change so fast these days; the spreadsheets are already out of date by the time our partners look at them.  Without CargoSphere's real-time connectivity, we wouldn't be able to collaborate with certain agents who required timely rate delivery."

"By connecting in the Rate Mesh Cloud with M+R, U.S. agents eliminate freight rate friction.   The rates are available in their internal pricing systems with no rekeying and no delays.  This is the "magic" of the Rate Mesh that makes it such a powerful tool to enhance agent collaboration and competitiveness," said Neil Barni, president of CargoSphere.

Source: Press Release

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