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Conditions ripe for container shipping rates to spike, as utilisation levels rise

CONTAINER spot rates are expected to lift soon on the back of headhaul ships running full on the major tradelanes and cargo being rolled.

One unnamed carrier source told UK's The Loadstar that all but a few of the weaker Asia to Europe carriers were full, eastbound.

Underscoring the situation, a recent sailing from Asia to north Europe by the Mumbai Maersk set a new world record for the most containers loaded onto a ship, with a cargo of 19,038 TEU.

In a move designed to underpin rate levels ahead of the winter slack season, THE Alliance has just announced a number of sailings from Asia to north Europe and the Mediterranean will be blanked over China's Golden Week holiday in October.

Over on the transpacific route, shippers are seeing their containers rolled over - in some cases from more than one sailing - as the peak season heats up with US retailers scrambling to bring orders forward ahead of September 1 trade sanctions.

Commenting on the current transpacific capacity crunch on his LinkedIn blog, SeaIntelligence Consulting CEO Lars Jensen said containers being shut out of sailings was a "positive development" for shippers in the long-term.

He said the alternative of "continued excess capacity even in peak" had the consequence of carriers blanking sailings "left, right and centre," thereby disrupting shippers' supply chains, a move that was "clearly not in the shippers' interests."

Source: Schednet

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